When dealing with tenants in Massachusetts, it’s caveat landlord
Aug 2011 24

Being a landlord gives you the opportunity to earn income on a regular basis while your property, your investment, increases in value over a period of years, eventually allowing you to sell it for a handsome capital gain.

It can also be a living hell.

Dealing with tenants is something I would never wish on any loved one … or even people I hate. It can be a nightmare. All it takes is one bad tenant to undo the good ones. Late rent payments, noisy / disruptive / illegal behavior, tenants can cause major headaches.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from what I have read and learned over the years, has very stringent tenant – landlords laws that most people would conclude favor the tenant. (I’m not suggesting the laws are wrong, mind you, just stating what I believe to be fact.)

It is very hard to evict a tenant, even one who isn’t paying his/her rent. Even one who is breaking the law.

I mention this because there was an article in yesterday’s New York Post about a .. well, a squatter is what you would call him.

He is accused of living in an apartment that he’s not paying rent on, nor has he paid a dime for at least four months. He is believed to be employed at a “swanky Manhattan steakhouse” and therefore capable of paying, he just chooses not to. At least that’s what his landlord claims.

The landlord has tried to get the tenant out of the apartment. He even changed the locks. The tenant called the police and they told the landlord to hand over a key and let the tenant in. They said, “Take it up with housing court.”

If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord, please contact us to learn more about tenant – landlord law. We can refer you to a good lawyer and also help find you a suitable investment.

We can never guarantee you the perfect tenant, however.

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