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The Ritz Carlton, The InterContinental, The Mandarin Oriental, Atelier 505, The Four Seasons, Le Jardin.  These buildings all come to mind when you think of luxury condos in Boston.  But what are really the top 3 buildings for Boston’s luxury buyer?

Here are my top 3:

  1. Ritz Carlton ExteriorRitz Carlton Towers – With views to die for and still hints of that new construction smell, the Ritz Carlton has become the most heavily requested building in the city for the luxury buyer.  With many different floor plans and views to choose from there is something here for everyone.  Most units come with a Valet parking space and you have access to all of the world famous Ritz Carlton hotel services such as the concierge, room service, maid service, etc.
  2. One Charles ExteriorOne Charles – After Millenium Partners success at the Ritz Carlton, they followed up with another home run of a property called One Charles.  The One Charles condominiums were completed in late 2005 and featured many of the finishes that people love at the Ritz Carlton.  With a fantastic concierge and staff, One Charles has quickly become a favorite with the luxury buyer.  One of the major perks you get with One Charles compared to the Ritz is a Back Bay zip code.  You also get an onsite gym, sauna, boardroom, library, and daily morning coffee and tea.  From the North Tower you also get some of the nicest views of Boston Common that are available.  Direct access parking also comes with many of the units.
  3. Heritage on the GardenThe Heritage on the Garden – I had a lot of trouble deciding on what building to choose for #3.  I decided to go with a classic, Mr. Druker’s Heritage on the Garden.  This building is still very highly sought after even after being around for two decades!  What sells this building is location.  You do get concierge and some very nice common areas but to be this close to Back Bay proper and have quick access to shopping and entertainment is what makes this building so spectacular.  The views of the public garden from the Heritages large windows make the price per square foot skyrocket in some of the units.

Now I know many people will have different opinions about this list.  My main criteria was feedback from my buyers.  You may like a loft building like 360 Newbury, Wilkes Passage, or Laconia Lofts.  Or you might like a boutique building like The Pope above Mistral, Le Jardin with it’s incredible floor through homes, or the Belvedere at the Prudential Center.  These are all incredible buildings and I’m interested in what your favorites are.  Please feel free to leave your comments!


  1. There yet to be open yet!

    1. The Clarendon (Related turns out true beauty.)

    2. Mandarin (well, its a Mandarin!)

    3. 45 Province (will be the hippest super lux product on the market!)

  2. Tony,

    I have to agree with all of your choices. I really can’t wait to see 45 Province. I think that is going to be one of the hottest buildings in the city. Definitely catering to the hipper buyers with their open style floor plans.



  3. I think Battery Wharf on the waterfront will have great views and superb hotel amenities. I am really excited to try out Sensing….I have heard nothing but good things about Guy Martin’s food and being the first and only chef in Boston to have 3 Michelin stars to his name will make it a great attraction and should only help to create a good buzz for the hotel and residential project.

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