Nov 2006 21


One of Boston’s landmarks will be changing it’s name come January.  The Tata Group’s Taj Hotels acquired the 79 year old Ritz Carlton for $170 million.  This is the oldest Ritz-Carlton hotel in the world.

Other than the name, not much else will change.  The hotel recently went under a $50 million renovation in 2003. 

My Thoughts:  It’s going to be weird walking down from my office and passing by the Ritz I mean “The Taj Boston” on my way to the Gardens.  It just doesn’t have the luxurious image that the name “The Ritz” creates in your mind.  It’s going to be interesting to see how well this will compete with the new Ritz hotel located across the common.


  1. john says:

    I like the name Taj…it has a royal ring to it, as much as the Ritz does, to my ears. I’ve stayed in Taj hotels abroad, and they are topnotch. I think it’s a good thing for Boston to have a new lux company come in to the Ritz, because, let’s face it, the Ritz needs a shot of energy. It’s lived under the shadow of the Four Seasons for far too long.

  2. I agree that the name sounds interesting and can conjure up a royal image, I’m just not sure how the people of Boston will feel about it. We tend to be people who hold on to the past, but that’s not always such a bad thing.

    It is exciting to think that all of these new hotel chains (Mandarin Oriental, InterContinental, Taj) have faith in our city’s economy. It’s very exciting.

    So, compared to the Ritz, what are the major differences in the hotels that you have seen? Do you think they will make any changes to the old Ritz even though they say they will keep it the same for the most part?

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