Nov 2006 28


 This past April, right in an alley near my office, a single open-air parking space sold for $250,000 setting a new city record.  Even though the housing boom is over, the average price for a downtown space rose 16 percent, to $92,810 which is more than double the 2001 average according to a recent Boston Globe article.

For more information on what is available for parking spaces throughout Boston, please feel free to contact me!

Source for picture and article: Sold: 1 open-air parking space in the Back Bay for $250,000 By Kimberly Blanton, Globe Staff

My Thoughts:  Buy a box truck with a bathroom and kitchen outfitted in it and you have a Back Bay address for a bit under $265,000 w/parking (of course you live in your space but so what!)

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