Nov 2009 14


Initially we thought this had to be some kind of error, but turns out this one’s legit.  A Penthouse unit at the Mandarin just came on the the rental market with a monthly asking price of (drum roll) $52,000.  The 4bed, 4.5 bath unit features an outdoor terrace space in every room 2 fireplace and comes with 2 valet garage parking spaces — and that is exactly how it is described.  Better jazz up that description if you want to command $52,000 a month.

The Mandarin has seen some high priced rentals. Unit 11B (2bed, 2.5 bath = 3,182 sqft.) rented at $22,000/month and unit 10F (2bed, 2.5 bath = 2,000 sqft.) rented at $10,500.

As my friend Pedro would say…”Not in THIS economy.”

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