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While some agents will tell you staging a home is not important since the buyer is there to see your house and not your “stuff”, I on the other hand cannot stress the importance of properly staging your home for sale.  A well-staged home will without a doubt help move the property quickly and will also help you get the $ale number you seek.

Think about it… Have you ever walked in to one of those homes where the owner just has a lot of stuff?  Knicknacks, photos, hobbies and more scattered around the rooms.  Here are some tips to help sellers better stage their property.  These easy fixes will make a world of difference.

Depersonalize the space – Remove all family photos, trophies, posters, etc.  Remember the buyer wants to see the property not your personal memories.  They are looking for a space that welcomes them in and asks to be filled with new memories.  

Clear high-traffic areas – Get rid of excess furniture.  You want to make the face look as big as possible – Too much furniture will shrink the space and not show off its true size.  That being said it is important to have necessary furniture present so they buyer can envision how they would use each room. Mirrors can also make a smaller room appear larger.

Highlight key features – Play up the best features of your home.  Good natural light, Great views…What is the best aspect of your home?  What makes it stand out?  Why should that person buy your home?

Lighten Up – There’s nothing worse than a dark and dreary space.  Add light – natural light is always best but if the room is lacking find some way to lighten up that space.

Bring in the Cleaning Pros (at least once) - Prior to putting your home on the market make sure it gets a good deep scrub.  Easiest way – call in a professional house cleaner.  They are quite affordable and you will be surprised at how they will make your home shine.  If you are on a budget just manage the upkeep on your own, no need to have a professional come in every other week.  If you have a yard make sure it is tidy and clean – rake up leaves and trim hedges.

Add a bit of freshness - Are the walls needing some attention?  Paint walls a neutral hue – nothing too bold.  Add some greenery - Fresh flowers are always an enjoyable thing to have in the home.

Try these small tips and I guarantee a more positive outcome in your showings.  For more tips or to have a staging consultation with me feel free to email me at



  1. bostonco says:

    Straight out of Elle Decor

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks for posting. Staging is really important and often times overlooked. It’s nice to see an agent telling the truth. Thanks Jeanine keep up the great work.

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