Nov 2006 14

They Mayor’s challenge to local and world-wide developers to design a building which will symbolize “this city’s greatness” was met with only one proposal and it came from a local!

Steven Belkin submitted a proposal for a 75-story, 1.3 million square foot office tower with some unique features.  The entire building will be elevated three stories with and open air one acre public park to be found underneath.  A canopy system will be put in place during the winter to keep out snow.  Escalators at the buildings ends will bring them up to the lobby where they can hop on high-speed elevators to take them to the rest of the building. 

The reason for the lack of proposals could be the actual site itself.  While being about an acre in size, it is an odd shape which makes development difficult.  Steven, being the genious businessman he is, bought the building next to the site in order to give him more of a square footprint. 

My Thoughts:  I really hope this actually makes it past the drawing board.  It looks like a great design and could potentially be the landmark building for Boston.  My only gripe….put some condos on the top floors so I can have a chance to sell them!  Imagine the views?  Imagine the price per sq. foot haha.  And you thought the Penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton was expensive!

Source:  A glass tower of singular design is sole response to mayor’s call by Thomas C. Palmer of the Boston Globe

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