Apr 2008 23

Green Living

New legislation put forth by U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter could result in lower-interest loans for people who purchase “Green” or energy-efficient homes or people who retrofit existing residences with ”green” features.

Seems like a great idea right?  It still needs some working out though.  Some home builders argue that it would result in increased construction costs and Fannie May is worried that it would be required to have certain percentages of “green” mortgage by benchmark dates.

I think this is new legislation could definitely be a step in the right direction.  Green building should be a high priority but we need to find a way to make it affordable.  I have to really give a hand to the Pappas family who developed the Macallen building in South Boston, it’s first green building.  Even with construction costs being significantly higher to build this way, they felt it important to be pioneering.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Realtor.com

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