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Ori Ron, a Swampscott business man plans on redeveloping the old Dainty Dot building which overlooks the new Chinatown park section of the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  This is not Ron’s first venture into downtown development though, he also redeveloped 50 residential units in the nearby Leather District. 

He purchased the building for $9 million which consists of 53,000 sq. ft.  Details have not been released about the Ron’s plans for the building other than he intends to create a residential property. 

According to the article by Thomas C. Palmer, under current zoning a 100-foot tall building but would need city approval to go higher.

My Thoughts:

As an aspiring developer myself, I applaud Mr. Ron for taking another step towards making our city bigger and better.  I hope he gets a variance and can raise the height to above 100 feet to get even better views of the beautiful Greenway!

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