Oct 2006 25

…especially when it comes to square footage.  I was just browsing the Globe’s www.Boston.com and came across an article titled When Smaller is Better by Janice O’Leary. 

It basically spoke about how even in the age of the McMansion many people are looking for something a bit smaller.  These people for the most part, are empty nesters and retirees.  They don’t need the extra bedrooms now that the kids are gone and they don’t want to be hassled with renovations and yard work. But they do want to be closer to cultural attractions and restaurants. 

So, instead of buying a smaller home which are sometimes really tough to find, these people are flocking to condos.  This helps answer some of the questions about the current volume of condo projects still being built even with the market trending slightly downward.  While single homes prices have been dropping fairly dramatically, the demand for condos is still quite high.

So, to make a long story short, if you are downsizing….come to Boston, we have some great new places for you!

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