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Time to move on, move up, or “get out”?  Just Follow Dottie Herman‘s top tips for Sellers  & Buyers and you should have an easier, time!

5 Tips for Sellers

1. Do your homework – research recent sales in the area before you list your property

2. Speak with your accountant and lawyer before listing your home to understand the financial and legal impact of the sale

3. Understand the current state of the market vs. 6 months ago so you can be realistic in setting a fair market price with your agent

4. Find a real estate agent that has listed and sold successfully in the area

5. Make sure that you are showing your property at its best. Fresh paint, clean surfaces, consider staging or even minor renovations – first impressions are everything

5 Top Tips For Buyers

1. Get qualified for a mortgage before you start looking

2. Interview real estate agents looking for professionalism and expertise – hire one who listens

3. Research recent sales of comparable properties

4. Ask when the home was last renovated and if there were any major repairs

5. Do complete due diligence on the mechanicals to estimate any future expenses – hire a professional home inspector

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