Why live in Boston? How about to save money, and the environment?
May 2011 07

Why live in Boston? Why pay high prices for in-city living?

Well, how long do you want to be paying $4.00 for a gallon of gas? How long do you want to spend an hour and a half stuck in traffic getting to and from work? How long do you want to pollute the environment by driving your car and living in a huge home with a huge yard?

Karen Cord Taylor, who lives in Boston and founded the Back Bay Sun, Beacon Hill TImes, and Charlestown Patriot-Bridge, lays out the facts in a recent column.

Gas prices are exorbitant. Parts are scarce for Japanese-brand vehicles because of the earthquake and the tsunami, not to mention the nuclear plant problems. When they finally get produced, they’ll probably be more expensive. Auto insurance costs are increasing. Housing in downtown Boston is pricey.

What—me worry?

That’s the reaction of most residents of downtown Boston. It turns out that living downtown, despite high housing costs, may prove more of a bargain than you expected because you’re not wasting time and money on transportation.

Not only do you save lots of money by living in the city (even if you own a car, you’ll use it a lot less), but you’re reducing your impact on the environment.

Using the http://abogo.cnt.org website, she calculates that living in Boston saves by reducing the ‘carbon imprint’ we each create. And using http://walkscore.com, she sees that we live in a great city, where we can walk everywhere.

When you weigh the pros and cons, living in a city wins.

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