Hayward Place project gets new life in Downtown Crossing
Feb 2011 03

Hayward Place is back!

Hayward Place is a parcel of land located near the theater district, in the Downtown Crossing neighborhood. It’s directly in front of the Paramount theater and in the shadow of the Ritz Carlton Towers.

It’s been a decade since the city first decided that a new building should go up on that spot.

The Boston Globe’s Steve Bailey wrote about it, back in May 2007.

In 2001, Menino moved to sell the city-owned land on Washington Street across from the Ritz Towers, to get it back on the tax rolls and see something built there. Two years later, in a city desperate for new housing, the Boston Redevelopment Authority rejected seven developers ready to build housing in favor of Millennium, which proposed to build offices in the middle of a glut of office space. When Millennium came in with a low bid, it was allowed to match the highest bidder.

Now, six years later, not much has changed. Hayward Place remains a parking lot. A city school that was to be built with the money from the sale has not been built. The big difference: The millions in parking lot money now goes to Millennium.

According to Mr Bailey, the developer has been able to hold onto the land for years without paying any money even though it’s collection millions of dollars in revenue.

But, who cares about all of that. Finally, something will (by which I mean, might) be built.

From the Boston Redevelopment Authority website:

Millennium Partners-Boston announced today that it had filed a “Notice of Project Change” for its Hayward Place project with the BRA. Today’s announcement is an important milestone that will lead to a spring construction start of a new residential building in Downtown Crossing. The Hayward Place Project is being revised as a 15 story, 265 residential building with rental and for sale units, and 12,000 square feet of retail space. This project will enhance the Downtown Crossing Neighborhood by bringing new residents and street activity.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino welcomed today’s filing, “This project represents a dramatic $200 million in private investment that will be a tremendous boost for Downtown Crossing and the Theatre District. Millennium Partners was there for Boston with its Ritz-Carlton Towers and as a leader in the City’s first Business Improvement District; and is with us again today helping by bring nearly 300 jobs, $2 million in annual tax revenue and 24-hour vitality to our city.”

Hayward Place will contain 397,000 square feet in 15 stories, and house approximately 265 units – both apartments and condominiums. (And, hopefully, retail on the first floor.)

While you might think that this location is prime real estate for a high-rise, you’d think wrong. For reasons unknown*, the building will only rise 15 stories.

*Well, at least one person has suggested that the new building will be so short because Millennium doesn’t want anyone’s views affected who live at the Ritz.

Below are four images. These are from earlier designs so the final product will vary, perhaps widely.

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