Fort Point Channel to see residential housing, not offices
Jan 2011 11

A project that has been on hold due to the economy looks to be taking at least one step toward eventual construction.

The Boston Globe is reporting that plans to redevelop as set of buildings on Melcher Street in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood of Boston have been modified.

The developers’ plan has been overhauled since it was first proposed in February 2008, and consisted of combining all three buildings into a monolith, which would house solely retail and office space. The new proposal, which the developers will present to Fort Point neighbors on next week, will include 38 residential units, including five affordable artist live/work spaces.

The co-developers are the Archon Group and Goldman Properties, who are also behind the proposal to construct an 180-unit apartment building on nearby A Street.

Click through to read more about how the two projects are related to one another and how neighbors are wondering if something fishy is happening.

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