East Boston real estate to get an historical review
Jan 2011 19

Many neighborhoods in Boston Proper have protections in place to keep their historical buildings in tact. The South End, Back Bay, and Beacon Hill are all protected – you can’t do much in way of changing the exterior of a building without approval by the local landmarks commission and, in some cases, national preservation society review.

Now, some residents of East Boston are hoping to bring the same level of protection to historic buildings in their neighborhood. The goal: protect these buildings while attempting to restore and reuse as many as possible.

The Boston Globe had a story about it recently:

The project is part of the Neighborhood Preservation Partnership, a joint effort between the Boston Preservation Alliance and Historic Boston Incorporated, with support from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Through the partnership, the organizations are working to identify historically and architecturally significant sites throughout the city, with a focus on neighborhoods like East Boston that in the past have had less attention paid to their historic value.


… Historic Boston Incorporated will publish a document in January that analyzes the area and identifies those sites designated as important to residents and also locations that are ripe for economic redevelopment. It will also include resources and tips to help neighborhood organizations create economically viable redevelopment opportunities for commercial buildings …

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