Boston condo sales prices up in first quarter
May 2011 02

It won’t come as news to anyone who visits this website on a regular basis, but the condo sales data is out for first quarter 2011 and it shows Boston Proper condo sales prices increasing when compared to first quarter 2010.

This data is from the Listing Information Network, Inc., LINK, which tracks all condo sales in 12 of Boston’s core neighborhoods including the South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Waterfront, North End, West End, and Chinatown.

Condo sales volume is off by more than 13 percent, according to LINK, while prices are up, ever so slightly, about 1.25 percent.

According to Deborah Taylor Blair, president of LINK, “despite slow sales, the city’s inner core is holding its value … [with prices] up by 30.78 percent compared to a median price of $575,000 during the first quarter of 2005, when housing prices around the state were at their peak.”

Available inventory has dropped by about as much as the sales, which means we don’t have a glut of properties, right now. This is especially true in the lower range (under $450,000) and in the mid-range ($500,000-$650,000).

More: Condo sales in downtown Boston fall while prices slowly rise – By Jenifer McKim, The Boston Globe

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