Zillow: Downtown Boston home values rise in 2nd quarter
Aug 2011 10

Online real estate valuation company Zillow.com says that home values rose during the second quarter 2011 in many downtown ZIP codes, as well as in other Boston neighborhoods.

The Boston Business Journal has the details.

Demographically, they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum, but Boston’s Beacon Hill and Mattapan neighborhoods do share something in common: They were both among the hottest housing markets in the state in the second quarter.

The BBJ has a cool interactive tool that you can use to plug in your town or city’s name or do it by ZIP code. Not all ZIP codes are available (no 02113-North End, for example) but 159 towns and cities are.

For ZIP code 02118, which is most of the South End and a bit of Roxbury, sales volume was off in the second quarter by 29% (!) but prices were up 3% from first to second quarter and 1% since last year at the same time.

The Zillow.com data is useful if you track it by quarter, but it does have some serious weaknesses.

As the BBJ points out: Zillow’s valuation data is based on all homes in a given market, and not just properties listed for sale or sold in a given period.

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