Why people love living in Boston. Or, hate it.
Apr 2011 19

It might (well, it shouldn’t) come as a surprise to you that Boston is considered to be very liberal, both socially and politically.

For some, it’s a badge of honor. For others, something that causes feelings of constant fury.

Regardless of political or social persuasion, though, our state does have a lot going for it.

Barry Nolan writes on the Boston magazine blog about how the city / state stacks up when it comes to all that’s good about living here:

According to the most recently available data from the Census Bureau:

MA ranked #1 for persons over 25 with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
MA ranked #1 for doctors per 100,000 population.
MA ranked #3 in the nation for personal income per capita.

Here are some more statistics:

MA ranked 47th for energy consumption per capita.
MA ranked 49th for infant mortality rate.
MA ranked 50th for traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven.

We’re high on the list of many other things considered quality of life issues. Click through for details.

True Measures of a “Liberal” Economy – Barry Nolan, Boston magazine

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