Oct 2009 28


Tomorrow the W Hotel opens their doors, or at least opens the doors to it’s lounge “Living Room.”  I am sure I will see some of you there for the opening night.

From UrbandaddyUnless we’re mistaken, we’re pretty sure these couches hold the key to your after-work drinking plans (and possibly your late-into-the-night drinking plans) starting in a scant two days’ time. After following the trickling water walls from the main lobby into the 12-seat bar area, you’ll want to plunge down into one of these leather and plush bad boys, make room for your late-arriving friends on the fat little ottomans, and erase the stress of another workday with aPassion Chili Gin Fizz cocktail, or perhaps kick back with a house-brewed ginger ale (made with real ginger) and your favorite Kentucky-distilled whiskey.

The menu is still being nailed down, but you can expect to have your choice of savory bar bites likeBlack Pepper Crab Fritters. We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention there’s an exposed fire pit corner, which only adds to the feeling that you’re boozing in someone’s sleek and modern living room.

We think it might have something to do with the name.

Read more:http://www.urbandaddy.com/bos/nightlife/7840/Living_Room_Boozing_in_the_Living_Room_Boston_BOS_Chinatown_Bar#ixzz0VErI4RUM

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