New Competitor on Zipcar’s Tailpipe!
Dec 2010 06

Over the past five years, Bostonians have become quite familiar with the European idea of car sharing.  The abundance of Zipcars throughout the city has created a system that truly allows city-dwellers to say goodbye to their personal cars… for good.  Take a walk through Boston, ask around, you will find an overwhelming number of people who know where they can get a car for a weekend trip, a day of moving or even for an hour to drive over to the grocery store.  They will all say Zipcar.

Since the formation of the company, Zipcar has maintained a monopoly on the car sharing market.  Recently however, as quality of service, cleanliness of vehicles, and dated technology has been brought into question, a new compeditor has been able to get their foot in the door.

The Somerville-based company iCar (, Wheels to Go began accepting members in August of this year and has seen success right off the bat.  Boasting significantly better service, unparalleled technology and better rates, they are certainly worth discussing, or possibly switching over all together.

Take a look at their press release below and share your thoughts!

Click to Download iCar Press Release: 11.16.10 PDF



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