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7 Fun Thanksgiving Facts

1. Population of Singapore Same Weight as Amount of Turkey Consumed for Thanksgiving - According to the National Turkey Foundation, approximately 690 million pounds of turkey were consumed in the United States during Thanksgiving 2007. This equals the weight of 4.48 million individuals of average weight (154 pounds); the population of Singapore as estimated by the last census in 2005.

2. Mary Had a Little Lamb Author Helped Make Thanksgiving a National Holiday – Sarah Josepha Hale is credited as the person most responsible for making Thanksgiving a national holiday in the United States. She also authored Mary Had a Little Lamb.

3. Benjamin Franklin: Turkey More Respectable than Bald Eagle – Benjamin Franklin, who proposed the turkey as the official United States’ bird, was not happy when the bald eagle was chosen instead. In a letter to his daughter, Franklin referring to the eagle’s “bad moral character,” said: “For my own part I wish the Eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country” and “For in Truth, the Turk’y is in comparison a much more respectable bird and withal a true original native of America”.

4. Franklin Roosevelt Thanksgiving Controversy – In 1939, Franklin Roosevelt changed Thanksgiving to a week earlier than usual so the Christmas shopping season would last longer. There was a tremendous outpouring of public disapproval over the next two years so, in 1941 he admitted his mistake and officially declared the fourth Thursday in November a national holiday for Thanksgiving.

5. Worlds Largest Turkey – The Worlds largest turkey sits just off Route 10, Frazee, MN (Map), also known as the turkey capital of the world.

6. Aldrin and Armstrong First Lunar Meal was Turkey - According to the National Turkey Foundation, when Armstrong and Aldrin sat down to eat their first meal on the moon, their foil food packets contained roasted turkey.

7. Freeze Dried Feast for Astronauts – The seven Endeavour astronauts and three space station crew members enjoyed atraditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, cornbread stuffing and green beans.


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