Sep 2009 27

New York Magazine’s recent article titled The Smallest Apartment On The Market featured a  175-square-foot studio located at 535 West 110th Street with an asking price of  $195,000 (Maintenance: $170 per month).  This got us thinking – What’s the smallest unit currently on the market in Boston – so away to the database we went and (drumroll please)…Introducing Boston’s Smallest Condo (currently on the market).  Think you can make it work?  Contact us at 508.930.6232.

65 Burbank – U:7 (Fenway Area)   /  298 sqft  / Asking Price: $199,000



  1. bubs says:

    This space would be perfect for a little person like myself :)

  2. I have a 132 sq ft design that is complete with a 62 sq. ft Living/Dining Room, a 22 sq ft. Kitchenette with Ref, a 15 sq ft T&B with lavatory,a 20 sq ft Laundry and Drying area with Twin-tub Washing Machine, a 20cu ft Storage Closet, AND A LOFT BED THAT ACCOMMODATES A KING SIZE MATTRESS, ACCESSED THRU A HALF-STAIRS WITH 6-STEPS AND A LANDING ON TOP OF THE STORAGE CLOSET THAT SERVES AS DRESSING ROOM WITH CLOTHES CABINETS. This (SMALLEST) condo makes use of the unused space above the Kitchenette and T&B which has only a 6ft 8″ ceiling and floor that serves as the bedspace. Of course you can only LIE or SIT on the bed, but hey! nobody is suppossed to stand on the bed anyway! The Living/Dining area , of course, has the full height of 10ft 8″. I have already build several hundred condos of this original design.

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