Sep 2009 25


We at The Boston Condo Blog would like to take a minute an recognize a fantastic local company fighting for an ever important cause. Started by two Brookline residents Lauren Penn and Margie Lipshutz, Jillies provides comfortable and stylish 100% cotton garments to patients undergoing treatment. Additionally, their website is a safe environment where people can find current information, resources and have their personal “non-medical” questions answered like “”What sort of wig should I buy, How do I apply false eyelashes, Where can I buy natural cosmetics, How do I tell my colleagues at work?” The company was recently featured in Boston’s Wicked Local News.

From their website: “Jillies is the place for women to find answers to all of the questions you may not feel comfortable asking your doctor. Through our personal experiences, we have compiled helpful resources, products and support for women during and after treatment so you can look and feel your best…always.”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month please show your support by Participating in JILLIES Facebook Fan Page Challenge. Two-hundred thousand (200,000) new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually their goal is to increase their Facebook fan base to 200,000 by the end of October. Encourage friends and family to become fans. JILLIES is dedicatied to improving the lives of women with breast cancer. The more fans we have, the stronger our voice will be!

Click here to show your support and become a Jillies Facebook Fan.

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