Boston’s rising rents put pressure on tenants
Jul 2011 11

With fewer people buying condos and single-family homes, more people are renting apartments, putting pressure on the existing supply. While Boston-area developers are starting to think about building more mega-unit projects, the additional supply won’t come online for two to three years, or more.

Have you been looking for an apartment in Boston this season? Did you look for an apartment in one of the big projects in downtown Boston or were you looking for an apartment in a typical brownstone walk-up? What was your experience? Did it go well or did you end up all stressed out? Did you use an agent or craigslist or word of mouth?

If you’re looking, please let me know how I can help.

Warren Residential Group has listings in all of Boston’s neighborhoods plus we have two offices, our main office on Newbury Street and a rental office located in Allston, near all the student apartments.

The Wall Street Journal says nothing’s likely to change, that supply will be limited and demand high, at least until the economy improves.

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