Jan 2010 13

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair 303 Commonwealth, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A Back Bay condo takes its life;

Looks like a real storm is brewing over at 303 Commonwealth between condo owner Jerry and Bernadette Wodinsky and infamous landowners Michael Kettenbach and Gary Crossen.  Both Kettenbach and Crossen should be ashamed of themselves – TEAM WODINSKY all the way. The Boston Globe reports, “

Last we saw Kettenbach, one of the more prominent in-laws in the feuding Demoulas family, he was on the losing end of a string of rulings in the fight over control of the $1 billion-plus supermarket fortune. At the same time, Crossen, one of his lawyers, was stripped of his law license for engineering a Grishamesque scheme involving secret recordings, a young law clerk, a sham job interview, and a judge in the Demoulas trial.

So you might logically think they’d take it down a notch, right? Not exactly.

Kettenbach and Crossen now find themselves reunited in court, codefendants in a civil suit in which they are accused of scheming to drive an elderly Brandeis professor and his wife out of the Back Bay condominium where they’ve lived for 32 years. Think constant construction noise, astronomical assessments, and a decommissioned elevator that has left the plaintiffs constantly climbing the stairs.

In short, Jerome and Bernadette Wodinsky own the fourth floor of a magnificent Commonwealth Avenue building that Michael and Frances (Demoulas) Kettenbach seem to want all to themselves. The Kettenbachs have bought every other unit in the building, but the Wodinskys, who do not appear eager to sell, stand between them and what could be one of the city’s grandest single-owner homes.

The fallout has raised the ire of a Suffolk Superior Court judge, who issued an order and injunction last month against Kettenbach and Crossen in which she strongly expressed the view that the Wodinskys would probably win their case.

For starters, contractors for Kettenbach and Crossen, who handles real estate issues for the family, summoned state inspectors last spring. They condemned the elevator, the Kettenbachs quickly removed it, and seven months later, there’s no replacement in sight.

That leaves the Wodinskys to negotiate four flights of steep and narrow back stairs (their entry point is in the basement) every time they come and go.

Jerry Wodinsky, by the way, is legally handicapped. At 82, he suffers from emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, peripheral vascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes 2, and has three stents implanted in his legs, according to filings in Suffolk Superior Court. Except for that, he’s in perfect health.“  (FULL STORY HERE)


  1. I can’t believe this…Thoughts?

  2. Gary Crosse says:

    Hey Boston Condo Blog, the landlord’s name is Crossen, not Crosse. Please correct your typo above ASAP so I will stop being mistaken for this jerk.

  3. Gary Crosse says:

    No worries, thanks for fixing it promptly.

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