Small and cheap Boston apartments
Aug 2011 08

Well, not in Boston … yet.

But, if the cost of housing continues to rise in Boston as it has in other cities, such as New York, you’re bound to see something like this.

I could live in a space that small, maybe. But, he lost me when I saw that he kept his sneakers next to his microwave and that he had to share a bathroom with three other people … which, I guess, is actually like having roommates, but seems kind of gross.

His rent is $750 per month, and the room looks to be in good shape. He lives in Hell’s Kitchen, which is a popular but not most-popular neighborhood in NYC. New York is very different from Boston, with much higher density in Manhattan than we have in any Boston neighborhood.

Could you live in a small space?

If you live in Boston, contact me to learn more about the cost of housing and how to save yourself money when renting an apartment.

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