DNA Lofts auction leads to healthy sales, few remain
Oct 2011 07

The DNA Lofts is a condominium project on Dorchester Ave in Dorchester.

The developer was only able to sell 15 of its 57 units during the past several years so he decided to hold an auction, which took place last night.

According to a Banker & Tradesman article, 15 of the 28 units that went up for auction were sold. The developer stopped the auction when bids started dropping after the first couple of units were sold (for more than 60% of final auction list prices).

According to B&T, six units were sold post-auction.

The remaining units, which I estimate to be 21 units left for sale, will be listed the traditional way.

For information on individual unit sales prices and for private tours of the DNA Lofts, please contact me.

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